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Hello, I’m George.

I grew up in Tupelo, and in 2014 I moved back to work at my family’s hardware store in downtown Tupelo (Tupelo Hardware Company).

have a question for me? ask away!

Frequently asked questions

Hey George, I grew up in Tupelo (THS Class of '77), but have lived in Austin Texas almost since graduating from Ols Miss. My parents are Joyce and Charles Johnston. I just found this website, and something piqued my interest. I've always wanted to know what was on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Tupelo Hardware building??? There must be some interesting and historic good things lurking around up there! Can you help me out?Best Always,Greg Johnston(George, call me if you're ever headed to Austin. ok? 512-576-2417)
Hey Greg, Sorry that I didn't see your post earlier.  My email hasn't been working right.  Thanks for your question.  You're right...there are a lot of cool, old things up on the 2nd and 3rd floor.  Old displays, wooden barrels, old cast iron and tools, a LOT of old carriage and hex bolts.  But most of it is active overstock.  Almost all of our small engines supply is up there, for example. Thanks for connecting with me!  My little sister, Emily, is out in Austin.  Her husband is the head baker for Easy's a beer garden/restaurant.  I need to visit sometime. Take Care, George Booth III
What is your favorite thing to do in Tupelo?
My favorite thing to do in the Tupelo area is to play disc golf. There are a LOT of disc golf courses in this area.
Where is your favorite place to experience Tupelo’s local flavor?
I’m a big fan of The Blue Canoe. They feature great food and beer and it’s one of the best live music venues in Mississippi.
What’s your favorite Elvis song and why?
My favorite song that Elvis performed is “Ready Teddy.” It’s one of the tunes that Elvis played on the Ed Sullivan show in 1956. When you watch that performance, you really get a feel for how electrifying his early performances were. He was just a 21-year old kid! Scotty Moore also lights it up on the guitar.
Hi George,We are driving down to Gulf Shores, AL and will be stopping for the night in Tupelo. It will be on a Sunday night. I'm finding that many of your local restaurants are closed on Sunday's. We are staying at the Best Western on N Gloster. We prefer a local place, not a chain like Chili's or Olive Garden. We would like a full bar, as well as local fair. I see Harvey's on S Gloster is open. Do you recommend that place or can you suggest somewhere else?Thank you,Jo
Hi Jo, Sorry that I missed you.  My email has been doing funny things.  Here's the reply that I tried to send last Friday.  Sorry that it's after your trip!  Did you find anywhere good to eat on Sunday?   Hi Jo, Yes.  Harveys is a good selection.  Tupelo is pretty low key on Sunday nights. You might also like the Fairpark Grill.  Take a look at that one too. Safe travels!
Hello, I live in California and have family in Jackson. I am doing a report on the Elvis Presley Birth home. I was wondering if you have any information on it. Thank you.-Mallory
Hi Mallory, Thanks for your question.  Check out the website for Elvis's birthplace. Maybe it will lead you in the right direction. Thanks, George Booth III
Hello George. My husband, my mother and I live in Australia and we plan to visit Memphis in July 2015. We are booked to stay in Memphis but want to spend a day in Tupelo. Should we book a day tour through a company based in Memphis or would we be able to visit all the popular "Elvis" sites on our own? What would you recommend? Kind regards, Deidre
Hi Deidre, Thanks for writing.  There are a lot of tour groups that travel to Tupelo out of Memphis.  Some are large and seem to rush the visitors from place to place.  The smaller tours seem to do a better job at giving guests adequate time to explore.  I'd recommend Mike with Memphis Road tours.  Here's their website: If you decide to plan your own tour, that's not a bad option.  The Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau provides some good resources ( that you seem to have already found.  Of course, if you book a night to stay in Tupelo, you'll have a lot more flexibility and the option to spend more time at the local attractions. Happy traveling!  Thanks for getting in touch.  If you stop by Tupelo Hardware, let me know.  I'm here most of the time. Sincerely, George Booth III
HelloIn August my daughter and I would like to visit the house that Elvis was born. I plan to stay 02/08 to 4/08's possilvel visit the house that Elvis was born on this date ?Tks
Hello, Yes.  You should be able to visit on those days.  Take a look at this website for accurate information:
Safe travels!
George Booth, III
I need a restaurant that can accommodate 54 people sitting 8 at each table with a roadhouse type varied menu.
Hi Thanks for getting in touch.  I would try one of these: South  -  (662) 205-8751 Romie's Grocery -  662-842-8986 Hope it goes well!
My husband and I are going to be passing through Tupelo and are looking for a place for lunch. We like down home Southern food and do not like chain restaurants.
Hey Jean, You're making me hungry!  Good question.  Tupelo's a good spot for "down home southern food."  Here are a few options: 1. Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen - downtown Tupelo - casual environment, local ingredients, burgers, tacos, salads, not open for lunch on most Sundays 2. Romie's - Jackson Street and Gloster street - meat and three at its best, if you ask me...busy on Sunday but worth the wait 3. South restaurant - North Gloster street - another meat and three, but a bit more "up scale" 4. Park Heights - upscale dining, white table cloths, but very Southern   You can't go wrong with any of these.  Bring me some.  :) Sincerely, George Booth, III
I am thinking of a trip to you city. I am looking for a place to stay . Any suggestions? i need an economy hotel because we are senior citizens and need the best price possible. thank you and have a blessed day,
Hello, Thanks for getting in touch!  I'm not very familiar with the hotels in town.  Try calling the Convention and Vistors Bureau (662) 841-6521).  They will be able to help you locate something that fits your budget.  Safe travels! George Booth III Hi, Erma. This is Jennie Bradford with the Tupelo CVB. We have many wonderful, affordable hotels in Tupelo. You can see all of them on our website at, where you can search by Trip Advisor rating. If you need more information, please give us a a call at (800) 533-0611 and we look forward to having you visit us in Tupelo soon. Safe travels, Jennie Bradford
We have visited the hardware store in Tupelo many times & have met Howard who Greeted the Elvis fans but we heard he has retired so we wondered who greets the fans now.We will be visiting again on September 14 so w e may see toy then.Best regards
Tom and Angie, Thanks for getting in touch.  Connie Tullos is now in charge of greeting fans.  She is the president of the Tupelo area Elvis fan club, and she does an excellent job of sharing the story and showing folks around the store.  Feel free to stop by anytime on September 14.  We are open from 7am until 5:30pm. Thanks a lot, George Booth, III Tupelo Hardware Co. 662-842-4637
1. We will be visiting the area soon and are wondering if the restaurants serve alcohol (or is this part of the country dry)?2. Also, we don't have a lot of time so would like you to recommend something that is a 'must see' and the name a few good restaurants,
Hi, Thanks for getting in touch.  You can buy alcohol in Tupelo.  There are still some counties that are dry, but that is changing.  We are in Lee County, and it's been "wet" as long as I can remember.  For great beers, check out the Blue Canoe on N. Gloster, the Neon Pig, Mugshots burgers or Papa V's.  It's a convenience store that has the best beer selection anywhere around.  It doubles as a Phillip's 66 gas station.  For cocktails or wine, go to Park Heights or The Fairpark Grill.  Cheers! As for something to do, you can't go wrong by seeing the Elvis Presley birthplace.  If cars are your thing, check out the Automobile museum. Have a great time in Tupelo! Thanks, George Booth
Hi George, I'm writing from Melbourne Australia. I'm planning my 2nd trip to MS in March this year. I have friends in Oxford and Clarksdale, that I will be visiting. I am also studying to be a barber and have noticed Tupelo has so many barber shops!Can you recommend any who you think would be happy to take me on for a few days work experience? I would like an old school barbershop.Is Tupelo far from Oxford. It doesn't look it on the map. Would there be a bus or public transport between the two if I was staying in Oxford.Kind Regards Sue
Hi Sue, Thanks for your email. We're glad that you're planning on visiting Tupelo this March. I can't say that I know any barbers who need help. You could try asking Mike McBunch at the Hair Company. They are located in downtown Tupelo. Also, try visiting the Community Development Foundation's website to see a listing of barber shop members of the Chamber of Commerce. Oxford is about a 45 minute drive. As far as I know, there aren't any public buses that run between Tupelo and Oxford. Sorry that I can't be of better help! Thanks for writing.
Hello,we are in holidays at memphis for 3 days and we want to go to tupelo (elvis birthplace, tupelo hardware...). Do you know if there is a shuttle or what is the best choice to go to tupelo ?ThanksKevin
I am with the Slidell Antique Car Club of Slidell LA Beginning the planning of the weekend stay, I need held in finding any restaurant thatwould take a group of 40 on a Friday and Saturday for dinner, and one that will accept a groupof 40 for lunch. Can you make any suggestions of restaurants that I could call?The hotels are plentiful with good rates, and don't seem to be a problem.Charles [email protected] 505-460-5151
Hi, Charles. This is Jennie Bradford with the Tupelo CVB. I have sent your information to one of our sales managers and she will contact you shortly to help you plan your stay in Tupelo. We look forward to having the Slidell Antique Car Club in Tupelo!
Is it possible the get a printed copy of the Elvis Presley Driving Trail?We will be a the birthplace gift shop and the statues etc. Also Johnnie's Drive-In.Thank you.Margaret
Hi, Margaret. Simply call the Tupelo CVB office at (800) 533-0611 to request a copy of the printed brochure and our front desk staff will put one in the mail to you today. Thanks so much.
Hi. We are in town for the night tonight. Could you suggest a place to listen to some good live music and a good local place to eat. Not necessary together. Would love some help. Thx

Hi! This is Jennie Bradford with the Tupelo CVB. Unfortunately, there is no live music on our calendar tonight, but you are still in for some great food! Neon Pig has one of the best burgers in the country, according to Thrillist, or if you're in the mood for southern food with a twist try South. Blue Canoe has one of the best beer selections in Northeast Mississippi, as well. Enjoy your night in Tupelo! 

I have been through Tupelo but have never visited here, my question is, Does Tupelo have a geneology group that could tell me about cemeteries in the area and or a good geneology library? I think I have relatives buried there.
Hi Sharon, Yes.  The Lee County library is located near downtown Tupelo.  It has a lot of resources on genealogy and, from what I understand, there is an interest group that meets there. Here is the phone number for the library: 662-841-9027. Take Care!
Hi, nice to talk to you. My wife and I are visiting the U.S.A. in April May time, and will be in Tupelo whilst exploring the natchez trace. We are coming to the states primarily for the music, I'm Jazz my wife is Country. could you please recommend a good music and food venue. We will be there on May 4th. I thank you for your advice. Kitt.
Hi Kitt, Thanks for getting in touch.  For live music and food in Tupelo, the Blue Canoe is the place to be.  Here's their website.  They have great burgers, pork with grits & greens.  My wife and I like the fried black eyed peas.  They change their menu up regularly, so there's always something new to try. Have fun! George Booth
Hey George. When is the car show in Tupelo? I have been a couple of times, but forgot the date. I thought it was coming up soon Thanks for your help.
Hi, Thanks for getting in touch.  The Blue Suede Cruise is May 5 to May 7.  Here is the website for more information: Thanks!
Taxi service:Could you kindly provide me the name of a reliable taxi driver or service? I have older parents who cannot drive and wanted to see if you knew of a reliable taxi driver here locally in Tupelo.Thank you for your help!
Hello Amit, I haven't used a taxi service in Tupelo yet, but try this one.  Top Cab: (662) 871-9200 Thanks!
Hi, George!I will be passing through Monday. I am making stops at the battlefield and crossroads monument.What else MUST I see on my short trip? Will you be working? I will stop in the hardware store? Cool site!Deb Hughes
Hi Deb, Sorry for the delay.  I was out of the office this weekend.  If you're an Elvis fan, I'd say stop by the Elvis Presley birthplace.  If not, then I'd recommend taking a short drive on the Natchez Trace Parkway.  Find a trail and take a walk if the heat isn't too bad.  If it is, you can see a lot by just driving. I'm here all week.  Feel free to stop in and say hello! Thanks,
Good Morning,We are coming to Tupelo to bike the Natchez Trace in early April.We are looking for a Bed and Breakfast, motel, hotel where we can stay a night then leave our truck there while we bike.Need a secure safe place.If this is not possible, is there any other safe parking locations?Thanks
Hi! This is Jennie Bradford with the Tupelo CVB. April will be a great time to bike the Natchez Trace Parkway. We would love to help you find a hotel that will let you park. Some of our properties even have a shuttle that could help get you to and from the Trace without having to bike through town. My e-mail address is [email protected] Please shoot me an e-mail and we will help make sure you get exactly what you need during your stay. Thanks so much!
When is the Tupelo aquatic center open to the public ( days and hours )?
Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. They are open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Wednesday and Friday 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM; Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM; and Sunday 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM. They are open to public unless a swim meet or special event is being held. You can reach them at (662) 840-3768. Thanks!
Hello,Is doing the Elvis tour in Tupelo walkable? Or, only by drive. Are there tour operators in Tupelo which I can join? I am traveling alone.Thank you.
Hi! You can walk much of the Elvis' Tupelo tour. Stop by the Tupelo CVB and grab a map to get started. Counting the Elvis Presley Birthplace, there are 13 stops that take you throughout much of Downtown Tupelo and the surrounding area. With the completion of our Elvis Presley Birthplace Trail, you can now rent bicycles at CRAVE, our local dessert cafe and coffee shop, so you can do the Elvis tour on a bicycle, as well. We look forward to having you in Tupelo!
Hi George,We are 3 Australian Seniors who are hoping to include Tupelo on our road tour around the States. We hope to be in Tupelo on Tuesday 30th May 2017. Unfortunately we are on limited time so would like some suggestions from a local. We will be driving down from Nashville en route to Birmingham. We can be in Tupelo by 9am. Would the Convention & Visitors Centre be able to post their information booklet to me as I find it's better to have the information in hard copy.My address: Narelle Turnbull 10 Guinea Court TAMAREE Qld 4570 AUSTRALIAWe would also like to drop in to say g'day to you as well. Many thanks,Narelle, Dawn and Mal
Hi, Narelle. This is Jennie Bradford with the Tupelo CVB. I am putting a packet of information in the mail to you today! We look forward to having your group in Tupelo this May and hope that you will stop in and say hello when you are here. Safe travels!
Hi George,I wanted to know if there was a good bar spot in Tupelo. I am 31 and looking to meet people.Thanks,John Verner
Hey John, There are some pretty cool bars in town.  Many of them are pretty new, too.  Here are some of my favorites:
  1. The Blue Canoe - on North Gloster, good beer selection, local brews, good bar food, too...all set in a juke joint style hangout with live music.  The crowd is eclectic here...definitely the most local color.  This one is my personal favorite.
  2. Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen - downtown, very cool vibe.  The cocktails here are the best in town.  Lots of locals hang out here.
  3. The Stables & the Cigar Bar - both in an alley near the courthouse downtown.  The Stables is one of Tupelo's oldest bars.  This is where you order a bucket of Miller Lites and hang out on the patio.  Decent food, older crowd overall but a lot of fun.  The Cigar Bar serves beer too, but there's a good culture there...mainly a dude hangout but very cool if you like cigars.
  4. Forklift - one of the newest locations...they have a smaller bar, so this is really more of a restaurant.  Local beers, probably a good cocktail menu.  I haven't hung out at the bar but I want to.
  5. The Grill - I like to go here when I want to drink Guiness.  Good food too.
  6. Mugshots -  Good place to watch sports.  Decent bar, decent burgers.
Have fun!
Hello, me again. Can you tell me how long the Elvis walking tour would take, allowing for stops to look at the places? We are in our late sixties, but in reasonable health.
Hi! This is Jennie Bradford with the Tupelo CVB. There are 13 stops on the Elvis Driving Tour, which includes the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Tupelo Hardware Co. To stop and walk to each marker, read through it, and explore a little, I would recommend around 1.5 to 2 hours, especially if you want to stop and enjoy one of those great hamburgers at Johnnie's Drive In, like Elvis used to do. We have a brochure with a map of all of the stops in our office at 399 East Main Street in Downtown Tupelo, which also happens to be where the Shake Rag marker is located. We look forward to having you in Tupelo!
I am coming to Tupelo from Memphis on 8/16/17. We have been to memois several times, but never Tupelo. There are 5 of us. We will drive there and back the same day, so we have only a few hours to spend. Of course, we are coming to see all things ELVIS!I was wondering if there is some sort of tour that would show us what we need to see or if we just have to go place to place by ourselves. What do you suggest? Thanks, Jim
Hi Jim, Yes.  There is a published tour that you can pick up at the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Be sure to stop there when you get to town.  The list includes a lot of notable Elvis sites such as his birthplace, Johnnie's Drive-In, Lawhon School, Tupelo Hardware, the Old Courthouse and several others.  Happy planning! Thanks, George Booth
Is there a Home and Garden show any time in the next four weeks? If so, specifically when and where?
Hi, Thanks for getting in touch.  Take a look at this website that I found.  Happy hunting. George Booth