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My name is Keith Henley, I have lived in Tupelo since 2000.

Tupelo is a big city with progressive ideas wrapped in small town southern hospitality.

have a question for me? ask away!

Frequently asked questions

What is your favorite thing to do in Tupelo?
I enjoy going to the Tupelo Farmers Market (Tues, Thur & Sat mornings) for fresh locally grown produce, live entertainment and to socialize with friends and acquaintances.
Where is your favorite place to experience Tupelo’s local flavor?
Definitely Downtown Tupelo! The historical business district is ripe with mom & pop businesses, eclectic boutiques, fine dining, as well as a few greasy spoons. In addition to the eating and shopping there’s no better venue than the outdoor festivals, seasonal farmers markets, museums, and public park areas for a relaxing afternoon.
What’s your favorite Elvis song and why?
“Viva Las Vegas.” I like the upbeat energy the song displays as well as the fact that even though Tupelo is Elvis’ birthplace, Las Vegas is where he revived his career and was thriving until his untimely passing in ’77.
I work in marketing for a foodservice distributor in Batesville, MS. I am looking for some fun events between the months of January - April that might be good for prizes in a sales promotion/contest for our reps. Any suggestions? (Last one we did the winners received box seat tickets to a recent Grizzlies game in Memphis, hotel included. I'm looking for something along those lines.) Thanks!
There are many events going on in Tupelo from concerts, festivals and unique events.  Below are links to some event info that may be of help.  Downtown Tupelo is very convenient to stay, play, and dine. I hope you find the perfect event(s) that will be suitable promotional gifts to use. Thanks, Keith  
We are thinking about retiring to the Tupelo area. Where can we get information on taxes, health care and housing. Is there any active retirement communities. We love to walk, bowl, fish.
Tupelo is a great place to retire!  We have North Mississippi Medical Center which is the nations largest "rural hospital" with well over 500 beds, a large medical campus adjacent to Medical Center, lots of activities to attend/participate in and several subdivisions that cater to the retired market. Below are 4 links that you will find helpful in answering your questions and will provide a lot of information on the benefits of moving to Tupelo to enjoy your retirement.   I hope this helps!   Keith
Me and my bf are planning a trip to Tupelo jul 24-26 we would like to go to the Automobile Museum but what other attractions would be enjoyable for us to relax and enjoy.. p.s. hes not into sports nor am I. Will the flea market be going on this weekend? What things can u suggest? Ty for your help.
The Elvis Presley Birthplace is a neat attraction, Capt John Allen fish hatchery, several state parks, as well as the Downtown shopping district.  Go to Tupelo Downtown Main Street Association's website for all downtown events. Also, the Flea Market is on the second weekend of each month. Thanks, Keith
I will be taking a trip to Tupelo in 2016 and will be arriving via Greyhound bus. As I know from experience that many bus stops are located in undesirable/unsafe neighborhoods, I was wondering if it is the same in Tupelo. I'll be arriving around noon (being uneasy about arriving after dark) and immediately calling a cab to take me to my hotel. Also, how many taxi companies service Tupelo and what is the average per mile rate.
The bus stop is on the east side of town at a convenience store away from the city center, etc...  There are several cab companies, such as A-1 Cab (662-842-5262), and City Cab (662-871-3500).  Fares should be reasonably low. Enjoy your trip to Tupelo and be sure to visit Elvis' birthplace and Downtown Tupelo! Keith
Keith,Is there any way I can be emailed a listing of all the "Events" going on in Tupelo each day during the month. So many things go on that I'm not aware of. If I knew about all the things taking place, I'd attend more.Thanks for putting me on the "Monthly Events Mailing List"Henry
Henry, the Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association has a weekly e-mail newsletter promoting the events Downtown.  The Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau also has a community calendar with upcoming events and activities to consider, and the Daily Journal news paper posts such events. Hope this helps. Thanks, Keith
Hi Keith,I will be bicycling the NTP this spring with 6 other cyclists. We will be taking a rest day in Tupelo on April 3 and staying at the Red Roof on McCullough Blvd. Can you recommend any restaurants or points of interest within walking distance of that motel? If we want to go to the Elvis homestead, is there a bus to it? Jane
Hi Jane and welcome to Tupelo!!! There are some great eating places near your hotel, however the walk will be a little challenging due to the hotel being located on a major intersection Gloster & McCullough. Here are my recommendations:
  1. SOUTH restraunt located on Gloster, just across from the intersection where you are staying
  2. Blue Canoe, this will be a slight walk North on Gloster, but it will be worth the effort!!!
  3. Grata Grill, inside the Holiday Inn across from McCullough and on S Gloster from your location.
I hope these suggestions help!!! Keith   ps, there is no bus service to the birth place yet, but it's a cheap cab fare there.
What is a good club or organization to join?
Downtown Main Street Association, Link Centre, Tupelo Elvis Fan Club are three of my favorites.  :) There are plenty of options to get involved in Tupelo! Keith
Turning 60 and wanting to do the whole Elvis thing by starting at his birthplace then on to Memphis. How safe is Tupelo and where would you recommend me to stay? Thank you for your time.
Hi! This is Jennie Bradford with the Tupelo CVB. Happy Birthday! Tupelo is the perfect place to start your Elvis journey. It is a very safe, clean town, where you can truly experience the small town southern culture that helped transform Elvis into the man that he would become. We have plenty of accommodating hotels to take care of you. Visit the list on our website under the STAY tab. If you have any questions about your stay or how to get the full Elvis' Tupelo experience, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Safe travels!
We are driving though Tupelo on our way back to Atlanta. My sister enjoys ghost tours and traditional Souhern cooking? Any ideas?
Welcome to Tupelo! We have tons of great Southern cooking at many of our local restaurants like South, Romie's, and Steele's Dive. Check out the Eat section at to see a list of all of our great Southern restaurants. We don't have any ghost tours in this area, but you can always check out the Elvis Presley Birthplace! Enjoy your visit and safe travels!
We are staying in Tupelo for the UGA/Ole Miss game this weekend and are looking for a recommendation on a good higher end innovative local non-chain restaurant. On line I found Homer's Steakhouse and Woody's. Would you recommend one of those two or is there another restaurant you would recommend for steaks/seafood or innovative food.Thanks, Bruce Smith
Hi, Bruce.  Both Homer's and Woody's are fantastic local restaurants. I would also recommend Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen. All of their food is locally sourced and their meat comes from their sister restaurant, Neon Pig Cafe, which also serves as an old-school butcher shop. Kermit's is located in our downtown area. They are very innovative and the food is amazing. Enjoy your stay in Tupelo!
Hi! I am the Administrative Assistant for Jan-Pro of Mississippi, Inc. We are in the planning process of our Franchisee Vendor Fair, and are in need of a facility to host this event. We will have approximately 8 different vendors and 40 people coming and going between our set time frame. Do you have any location suggestions?
Hi! This is Jennie Bradford with the Tupelo CVB. We are here to help you with your meeting! Jan Pannell is our Sales Manager for Meetings and can be contacted at [email protected] She would love to hear from you and help make your meeting in Tupelo a great experience. Best, Jennie Bradford