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Ruffin’ It: These 2 Bulldogs Had the Best Day in Tupelo

Tupelo may be a small town in Northeast Mississippi compared to the likes of New York or Los Angeles, but we see all kinds of visitors from all over the world just the same. It’s not uncommon on any given day to run into a Japanese tourist inside Tupelo Hardware Co., a group of British […]

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10 #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in August

1. @___kruzzer___ You don’t have to have an Airstream to travel to the Elvis Presley Birthplace, but it sure looks cool when you roll up in one! 2. @anthony_teague Anthony Teague is a photographer who’s found himself on this blog before, and you can probably see why. This photo of the Natchez Trace Parkway is stunning. 3. […]

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We Don’t Know Anything About This Total Solar Eclipse, So We Asked A Weatherman

Here at the Tupelo CVB, we are well equipped to speak on a plethora of topics ranging from Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich (peanut butter & banana, thank ya very much) to the number of hotel rooms we have in town (1,900). However, when it comes to astronomical events like the upcoming total solar eclipse Monday, […]

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10 #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in July

1. @onemississipp 2. @kermitsoutlawkitchen 3. @popsypopsicles 4. @strange2075 5. @rileymane 6. @xitsdelovelyx 7. @rob.lesley 8. @thefarmhousetupelo 9. @tupelobloggers 10. @downtowntupelo

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5 Summer Things To Do in Tupelo

1. Watch the fireworks in Ballard Park for July 4th Every Independence Day THE BIGGEST 4th of July celebration in North Mississippi takes place Ballard Park. With food vendors, music on the stage, inflatables for kids to play on and much more, this event is a great way to spend your day on July 4th […]

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10 #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in June

1. @rdariousedwards_1k (R’Darious Edwards) Doesn’t get much better than summer days hanging out in Ballard Park with some good friends and a shave ice. 2. @justintaylor_official (Justin Taylor)  The Nautical Whimsey alley always provides a great view to the courthouse at night. 3. @mississippiinHDR MississippiinHDR is always out there taking amazing photos of our state. […]

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10 #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in May

1. @_sig_ (Jorge Sigala) Taken at Tupelo’s SremmFest in December, hosted by hometown hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, Jorge captures Tupelo-born and world-famous producer/musician Diplo in this shot. We dig it. 2. @downtowntupelo We loved this shot of a youth performance downtown during the Tupelo GumTree Arts Festival! 3. @melnickvecchio (Melissa Vecchio) “Based on this photo, […]

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Answering Any and All Questions About the Elvis Festival Pet Parade

Between the Tupelo Elvis Festival Tribute Artist competition and the concerts going on downtown, it’s easy to forget about the Elvis Festival Pet Parade that takes place every Saturday morning at the Bancorp South Arena. The Pet Parade, which begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 3rd, benefits the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society and gives out […]

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Your Guide to 2017’s Tupelo Elvis Festival Bands

The Tupelo Elvis Festival is a celebration designed to honor Elvis Presley, Tupelo’s native son, and the impact that his music has on the world.The 19th annual Tupelo Elvis Festival will be June 1-4, 2017. We’ve put together this post to help you get acquainted with some of the artists that will be gracing the […]

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10 #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in April

1. @hurricane_flash (Randy J. Williams) got a great behind-the-scenes shot of the Color Vibe rally. 2. Who’s a good boy?? @brady_thegoldenboy couldn’t look any cuter if he tried. 3. What could make a KOK burger even better? Just a side of fries and a cold Yalo-brew (@kermitsoutlawkitchen). 4. But when you think Tim McGraw (and […]

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