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Top 10 #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in February!


Ah, February. Love was in the air, and photos were taken all across Tupelo. Naturally, we loved¬†a lot of them.¬†To celebrate those awesome shots, here’s 10 photos we loved taken by you fine people last month! (In no particular order, as always.)

1. Reflections at Lee County Courthouse. Photo by @lg_photos79.

2. LUTHI lights up the Blue Canoe stage on February 4th. Photo by Sean Kaufman, @seankaufman244.

3. Birthday blessings at Mt. Fuji! Photo by Kaitlyn McKenzie Wilson, @kaitlynmcwilson.

4. Reflections at Tombigbee State Park. Photo by Deyan Pantovich, @pantovichd.

5. The butcher’s counter at Neon Pig! Photo by D’mytrek Brown, @dbrownfoodstyle.

6. If you’re downtown, chances are you’ll find Voz Vanelli and company. Photo by Anthony Teague, @anthony_teague.

7. Just look at this monster “Nashed Up Hot Chicken Cutlet Sandwich” from the Blue Canoe! Photo by Adam Morgan, @bluewaterwagon.

8. Zebras! We’ve got ’em, you pet ’em. Photo by Bryn Mahan, @brynkerrigan.

9. Some people are super photogenic, but it’s hard to be as photogenic (and delicious) as the spread over at Anthony’s Pizza is! Photo by Jeff Jones, @jeffjones4u.

10. Feast your eyes on 18 ounces of what the Thirsty Devil calls “The Best D*** Pork Chop You’ve Ever Had.” Photo by Seth Renick, @the_thirsty_devil.

And there you have it! Ten photos we loved from last month. Want to be featured in one of these lists in the months to come? Use the hashtag #MyTupelo on your photos so we can see them and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!